Tratamentos e workshops de Reflexologia


É uma terapia alternativa e complementar que se baseia na existência de áreas reflexas tanto nos pés como nas mãos, que representam os órgãos, glândulas e partes do nosso corpo. Ao estimular estas determinadas áreas procuramos a homeostasia corporal ou mais simplesmente o equilíbrio!



Therapy based on the principle of the existence of reflex areas in our feet and hands which correspond to different anatomical areas, organs of the body. In addition to preventive and relaxation, Reflexology clean the body of toxins accumulated throughout our existence, because of the lifestyle we lead and the challenges imposed on us by daily life as stress, diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution of various kinds, etc ... Balances the human system, ie, causing homeostasis, that is to say that, although the human body consists of several parts, all must work in harmony and should be seen as a whole, and if one runs slower all the other suffer. Revitalizes energy, ie, each experiencing various forms of energy, for some it is exciting and invigorating, for others it is calming and peaceful.


Our feet can reveal a lot about who we are, what our life experience and even where we are heading. When making a dynamic observation we are seeking answers to our daily lives. What makes us sad, what makes us jump for joy. Help us understand why we come into conflict with those around us. It is possible that, initially, we deny what our feet tell us. Often the truth is hard to accept. By studying the patterns on our feet we begin a process of inner discovery, to the core of our being”

 João Guedes


What are the biggest benefits from Reflexology?

• Relax the body, mind, spirit (treats the whole person).

• Normalize body functions.

• Improves the immune system.

• Improves blood circulation.

• Improves nerve communication.

• Relieves pain.


Who can benefit from the treatments?

• Children

• Adults

• Elderly

Reflexology is recommended in cases of:


Physical disorders:

• Allergies

• Asthma

• Arthritis

• Osteoarthritis

• Headache

• Citalgias

• Sinusitis

• Diabetes

• Neck Pain

• Scoliosis

• Gastritis

• hernias

• Hypertension

• Infertility

• Insomnia

• Impotence and other sexual dysfunction

• Low back pain

• Minimize the side effects of cancer treatments

• Constipation

• Circulatory problems

• Allergic rhinitis

• Ulcer

• Specific treatments for pregnant women, newborns and the elderly


Psychosomatic disorders:

• Anxiety

• Depressions

• Schizophrenia

• Degenerative diseases

• Obsessive  and compulsive disorders



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